IRIB 2 Live stream

Online television : IRIB-2

IRIB-2 is a TV channel that broadcasts online, it is part of the country television live and online on the internet.

Access to the TV channel IRIB-2 is free and unlimited for all Internet users, because it offers its stream for free streaming on the internet.

Also check out the latest videos from the IRIB-2 channel in free replay on the web. So you can review all your programs online whenever you want

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How to watch live TV ?

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TV stream :

To watch our live TV feeds, all you need is an Internet connection with average speed, or better, a fast connection for better online TV broadcast. Watching TV also on your connected devices, TV channels work on mobile phones, like Apple iPhone and iPad Android, or Windows Phone but also tablets.

Feel free to update your internet browser regularly. Live TV channels, works with most browsers like google chrome or firefox and others.

For secure connections, you must allow Flash if necessary.

This service is completely free :

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